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I´m planning in far future a lil Fanart/Fanfiction - Contest for my VegeBul-Comic: "Luck is in Soul at Home" where you can win the very first books as printed one. Would you be interested? 

47 deviants said Yesyesyesyeees :heart:
7 deviants said I don´t care, just do what you want XD
1 deviant said No, not really


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:bulletorange: A long way of friendship:…
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+++++ :bulletred: Hello and very welcome , lonely stranger :wave: :bulletred:+++++

I´m just an unspecial lil human, who spent it´s time in drawing, drawing and gues what ...Yes, drawing :)
Also addicted to writing fanfictions about an Anime and Manga that personaled my life comepletely and also work on the comics right now.
But I also have other fandom than Dragonball Z: Assassin´s Creed, Gaming Arts and of course original ones.

So, I hope you enjoy your time, watching through my gallery :heart:
You are so the most welcome :hug: :heart: :hug:

Yours Red

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DBZ - CC Famous-Magazine is born!

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 23, 2014, 11:23 PM
Hello my dear DBZ / Vegebul fans and all my watchers out there Heart

Yeah, it happened. The very first magazine cover for Capsule Corp. Magazine called: "CC-Famous" is out.

This was a lil playment with a sudden idea I had in mind, while someone from you comment on some Vegebul -Fashion-pictures from me.
First I want to made a hole Fashion Week-Series out with this but than got the idea for a hole cover-serie.
So why not tell some of the Briefs actions in some sort of own magazine?
Why not tell about the mysterious man that come to live together with WestCities most famous woman?
Why not tell those three years in some way normal human beings would see them?
That was the main idea behind that and a great challenge again to try something new and keep that awesome couple alive.
`So, but why is that so important to us?´ you may ask yourself?
Because I want to make something also for the community. Want you to be creative and here is my explenation:

You can also design active the next future covers.
Bullet; Red Any ideas for christmas or other great events in our human timeline?
Bullet; Red A szene, design, headliner, whatever?
Just write it down into this journal entry or on the comment section from the first magazine cover you can find below and I will choose, what will fit´s best.
Maybe your idea got on a cover as well. 
I try to make every month a CC Famous-Magazine Cover (Let´s hope RealLife or other thinghs are not getting in my ways)
So. Like the idea?
Let me know what you think ;) (Wink)
Be ready, be creative and let me know your ideas HeartHugHeart

Feel free to ask, if you have any questions Glomp!
Yours Red

CC-Famous - Magazine Cover: Nov/14 
DBZ - CC - Famous Magazine - Nov/14 by RedViolettDBZ - CC - Famous Magazine - Nov/14 - Vol 2. by RedViolett

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DBZ - Vegebul - Let's go Home, Onna by RedViolett
DBZ - Vegebul - Let's go Home, Onna
...also a way to carry your woman home XD

Inspired by Kelly Brooks, who was carried some sort of the same way by her trainer. A very cute one and I suddenly thought... Best way for Vegeta. So the best way for Vegeta :love:
I also have some other idea for him carry her over her shoulder, so watch out for future pictures :D
Sorry I´m so quiet here at the moment, pretty much to do here, work over christmas and by now 12 days in a row ~_~
I´m not sure if I will be able to draw a christmas picture with this two cuties here. :/ But we will see.

Hope you liek so far :hug:
Yours Red

Based on Black&White Series ;)
DBZ - Bulma/Vegeta - I regret nothing... by RedViolettDBZ - Bulma/Vegeta - My Woman by RedViolettDBZ - Bulma/Vegeta - Just like Fire by RedViolett
DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home - Luck 4 Page 20 by RedViolett
DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home - Luck 4 Page 20
And finaly... a page XD
God damn it, sorry it took me so long. I had a first try for this but NOT happy at all.
This here was the second one and I´m more satisfied with it now.
I don´t like text pages at all, you don´t know really what to fill in the single panels.
Anyways... newest page so far.
Hope you like :heart:

Yours Red

Bullet; Red Chapter 1:
Bullet; Yellow Chapter 2:
Bullet; Blue Chapter 3:
Bullet; Purple Beginning of Chapter 4:
Bullet; Green Prev: DBZ - Luck is in Soul at Home - Luck 4 Page 19
Bullet; Green Next:   Soon Love

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DBZ - Vegebul - Thank You by RedViolett
DBZ - Vegebul - Thank You
A little Szene, plays after our Saiyans got finaly home (aww~ how cute XD) after defeating Majin Boo and rescues Earth again.
Also plays to a Fanfiction from myself that is some sort of the second continuation from "Luck is in Soul at Home" and soon: "Grown up under Ruins", called: "Beyond two Souls".
Want to catch a hidden moment between those two, away  from the others and hidden in the Shadows of the lookout where Bulma is forgiving him (if she was ever dissapointed - we do not know ;) )

Thank you all for watching the Stream ^_^ It was me a pleasure and such a nice chat again. Thank you all :heart::heart::heart:

Anyways.. also sorry for my little absencee for more than 1 week (2 weeks? it felt like two weeks)
I´m working again, holidays are over and soon there´s christmas knocking on the door.
I try my very best to finish the newest page to the Comic (Linearts are already done) 
So stay alert.

Yours Red :love:
DBZ - Vegebul - Sleep well, honey by RedViolett
DBZ - Vegebul - Sleep well, honey
... :D
No words for that! There are so... no words XDDD
The poor him laughing 
He sleeped well, until you came in and wake him up, Onnà! XD
...that woman :ohmygod: revamp 
But I like the thought that she is overworking, still at night, comes home and her Saiyan is still in bed. (...and here worn out from his training XD)
I bet the waking up is for Vegeta a very hard one at the next morning XD
Anyways... hope you like so far ^_^

Yours Red

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DBZ - Vegebul - A different way of fun by RedViolett
DBZ - Vegebul - A different way of fun
Did you know the phenomenon? You say the truth, but it sounds so crazy and unnormal, nobody belives you? I think that´s the same reason Vegeta IS teling the truth, because he knows, nobody would believe him, so he is here open for a little funny joke. XD But I think Bulma is not convinced with his ways of interpret "fun" :D
Can´t stop drawing such little Comic ideas *_*
God damn it, next one is still in progress :heart: XD
So enjoy so far, hope you like it ^^
And as ever: My english is not the very best, but I think it´s readable...

Yours Red 

More Little Comics: DBZ - CC Famous - Paparazzi - Comic by RedViolettDBZ - Vegebul - A hidden compliment by RedViolett



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legendarybrol Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Question what would your version of Broly look like?
RedViolett Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good question *_*
Havn´t think about that XD
legendarybrol Featured By Owner 1 day ago
you think you can draw Broly?
RedViolett Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
maybe some day but now I´m not sure ^^
RyokoZchan Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist
Are you going to be doing any holiday pics for Vegebul?  I'd love to see it if you do.  :)

I'm trying to sketch one out right now for the whole family.  Yay Brief family!!! :heart:
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